Coming Soon to Ludington's Historic Coast Guard Station!

Focusing on the rich history of the car ferries, the local service of the United State Life Saving Service and its successor, the United States Coast Guard, and the development of Ludington’s harbor, the new museum will feature engaging exhibits and entertaining activities.

Ludington, Michigan, is a popular destination for vacationers attracted by the city’s location on the shores of Lake Michigan and the many recreational opportunities it affords. Aside from the daily sailings of the historic steamship Badger in the summer, there is little indication today that Ludington’s beautiful harbor was among the busiest commercial ports on the Great Lakes in the last century, third only to Chicago and Milwaukee on Lake Michigan.

That great history will now be remembered through the new Port of Ludington Maritime Museum. We invite you to explore this web site to learn how the Mason County Historical Society is planning to renovate the historic former Coast Guard Station at Ludington to house the museum. You can be a part of bringing this museum to fruition to provide entertaining and educational opportunities for locals and tourists alike.


Experience piloting the car ferry Pere Marquette 22 into Ludington’s harbor.

Participate in a virtual rescue mission on a Coast Guard 44-foot motor lifeboat.

Compare 19th century Ludington to the harbor today through an interactive exhibition of artist and historian Jacob Lunde’s immense historical panorama.

Operate a Fresnel lens and learn the unique light signals of Lake Michigan’s many lighthouses.

Communicate with the bridge of the Badger as it arrives and departs the harbor during the summer.